Year 7 Transferring and Transforming Energy – Light and Heat


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Learning Intention: Students will understand the transfer and transformation of heat and light, including how energy is wasted.

Success Criteria: Students will be able to describe how different types of energy (chemical, electrical etc) can be transformed into heat and light. They will distinguish between conduction, convection, absorption, reflection, transmission and radiation.

  • What does luminous, incandescent and flourescent mean?
  • How do bio-luminescent organisms (glow-worms, some deep sea fish and phosphorescent algae) produce light?
  • What makes a rainbow?
  • What are polarised sunglasses?
  • Why can’t you see through tinted windows?
  • How do some animals see in the dark?
  • Why can’t anyone hear you scream in space?
  • What is a wave?
  • Why can’t humans hear sounds that some animals can? (a dog whistle for example)