60 Second Science Video Competition


What forces are involved when striking a match?

Learning Intention: To work in a team to develop the skills required to produce a short video and to describe how an object moves in terms of the forces involved.

Success Criteria: A successful video will clearly explain how objects move using scientific terminology and be entered into the “60 second science” video competition.

Over the next week you will be planning and producing a minute-long video for the annual “60 second science” video competition. You can see past examples of student videos on the website. Your task is to explain how an object moves in terms of the forces involved. So, the title of your movie could be one of the following:

  • How does a boat float?
  • How does a plane fly?
  • How  can you do flips on a skateboard?
  • What forces are involved in kneeboarding at the beach? (Good work Tobie)
  • How can you skate fast on ice? (Excellent example Alex)
  • What forces oppose gravity? (Great idea Elektra, Jade and Ruby)
  • How can you simulate zero gravity on earth? (Good one Kaylee!)

Your first step after deciding on a topic to investigate is to create a storyboard that shows each of the scenes in your video. You can use an A3 paper folded into eight sections or create one online. Make sure all the images and music you use are Creative Commons, Copyright Free.