Year 7: Biodiversity

Over the past four weeks we have been studying the great variety of living organisms that we share our planet with. We looked at how to classify organisms into five kingdoms using unique characteristics and how to use and create a dichotomous key to identify organisms. We listed ways that biodiversity provides products, services and social benefits. You completed a project on the structural, functional and behavioural characteristics of a specific animal and how they are threatened. We also discovered how the balance of ecosystems is important and how removing one organism from a food web can have wide-spread and unintended consequences.

Today your task is to produce a blog post reflecting on your learning during this unit of work. I would like you to answer the following questions in full sentences and paragraphs:

1. Why do scientists classify organisms into groups and how do they do this?
2. Why is it important to identify living organisms and give them a unique name?
3. Give one example each of the services, products and social benefits of biodiversity.
4. Why are even annoying pests like flies and mosquitoes important in our environment?
5. Tell me what you learnt about doing the animal project. What did you enjoy or dislike about the project? What was the most difficult part? What could you have done better?