Year 7 Skills for Living – Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

The spiral tower at the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

Learning Intention: To remember and recount learning from listening to the guide on the excursion on Tuesday.

Success Criteria: You will produce a blog post of at least 100 words describing your visit to the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk. An excellent post will have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation and be interesting to read. Please include an image and mention the highlights of your excursion.

On Tuesday 6th November, twenty-four students from Year 7 and  fourteen students from Year 8, together with staff, visited the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk, near Laver’s Hill in south-west Victoria. Our guide was Nathan, who talked about the flora and fauna of the rainforest. Please write a blog post about what you learnt about the Otway rainforest including: