Year 8 Science

While you are watching this slideshow, take some notes in the form of a mindmap and then go to and create a concept map showing the different types of diseases (infectious and non-infectious), the types of pathogens that cause infectious diseases and some examples of each.
Your task is to choose a disease that you may be interested in and answer the following questions in a report about that disease:
1. Is it infectious/contagious?
2. What are the symptoms of this disease?
3. What causes the disease?
4. Is it spread by vectors?
4. How is the disease treated?
5. How can the disease be prevented?

You can choose to present your research in one of the following ways:
1. Prepare a pamphlet or brochure that explains the disease to patients and sufferers.
2. Produce a slideshow or Voicethread about the disease (including CC images)
3. Film a role play about a patient and doctor diagnosing and treating the disease.