Classification for Year 7 Science

Learning Intention: This week we will learn about how scientists use a system of classification to identify and order living organisms in our world.
Success Criteria: You will produce a poster, slideshow or blog post that demonstrates your understanding of the five kingdoms of living organisms, including at least three examples of each group. You will need to list several characteristics for each kingdom.

You have several options to choose from:

1. Create a Glogster poster that shows each of the five kingdoms (animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and Protista) with 3 pictures for each kingdom, so a minimum of 15 pictures.

2. Create a slideshow with six slides – title slide and one slide for each kingdom with 3 examples of each group.

3. Go to Encarta on your netbook and complete the activities in the “Living World” area – write a blog post about what you learnt about how living organisms are classified.

4. Read pages 188 to 189 in your text and complete the “Remember” and “Think” questions.

5. Create a paper poster as for option 1.