Act Wild!


Learning Intention:
Students will understand that there is a great variety of living organisms on earth and that humans depend on this biodiversity for their survival.

Success Criteria:
Students will produce a table that includes examples of Biological Services (eg. pollination, production of oxygen by photosynthesis); Biological Products (eg. fruit, wood, seeds and grains, wool, cotton) and Social Benefits.

You now have the choice of five different activites:

Activity 1: Take the Fossweb “Diversity of Life” challenge – upload your digital photos of seeds, leaves, flowers or ‘critters’ to the site.

Activity 2: Complete the worksheet “Characteristics of Life” – from Gerald Ardito in New York.

Activity 3: Create your own video documentary in the style of one of the following famous naturalists: David Attenborough, Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) or Charles Darwin (“Father of Evolution”)
Make sure you include all the structual, functional and behavioural characterisitics which make your chosen species unique. If it is 60 seconds in duration it can be entered into the 60-second science competition.

Activity 4: Write an essay – “If I was an animal I would be a……………..” . Explain all the characteristics you have in common with that animal and all that is different. David Attenborough, for example, claims he would be a three-toed sloth, because they are incredibly lazy, slow-moving and sleep a lot! Post your essay on your blog with an appropriate creative commons image to match.

Year 7 students have been learning about living organisms and now they can learn how to help save our wildlife at “Act Wild!”. This site has links to events, such as student web conferences and pages to create conservation mash-ups. Go to the site and register, then join the forum under “Wild Schools” by answering the question “How Do The Choices You Make At Home And School Affect Our Australian Wildlife?”. The next student conference is on next Thursday, 18th of October “Act Wild for Gorillas with Zoos Victoria”. Use the Elluminate link to access the session between 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Elluminate Link to “Act Wild for Orangutans” here!

Another great site for learning about our amazing wildlife around the world is ARKive. Sign up for their newsletter and you can create your own albums containing images and videos of your favourite animals. You can also play two different science games – one to design the perfect habitat for the black-footed ferret and another to learn how to save a rare sand lizard.