Celebrate Father’s Day and Teamwork!

During period 4 “Skills for Living” today I will be assisting the Year 8 students set up for the “Shake ‘n’ Dog” fundraiser. Your task is to write a blog post about one of the following:

  • What does your Dad mean to you? What do you and your Dad do together? How does your Dad make you feel special? What does it look like and feel like when you and your Dad are together? Add an image that portrays what is special about your Dad. (Make sure it is a creative commons image)
  • Next week is Blog Action Day with the theme “The Power of We”. Read the linked post and share your ideas on your blog. Think about the quotes below and write about what one or more of them mean to you. Coming up to the winter sporting finals, write about your own football or netball team and how you work together. What is special about working together as a team? What can be frustrating or difficult?

“There is no I in TEAM!”

“No Man is an Island” (John Donne, poet)

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much” (Helen Keller)

“Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.” (Sir Ken Robinson Ph.D.)

Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.” (Author unknown)

If, for some reason, you are unable to post to your blog, you can write your work in a Word document and email it to me or write this in your Skills for Living book and submit.