Investigating Elements


Atom and hands machine drawingphoto © 2010 Bascom Oswald Hogue | more info (via: Wylio)








The drawing above is from Wylio,  a great place to search for free-to-use images for your blogs and wikis. It shows a diagram of the model of an atom, with a central nucleus and the path of three electrons around the outside. Elements are pure substances consisting of just one type of atom. Compounds are made up of molecules that consist of more than one type of atom. All the known elements are arranged in the periodic table in order of their atomic number.

elements_appDuring today’s lesson we will be looking at a range of different elements and describing them. You will use the Google doc, “Investigating Elements” to record your results. Click on the link and download the document onto your computer. There are 14 different elements to observe and complete each column – name, symbol, atomic number, description and what you might find that element in. We will also have some time this week to use the iPads to investigate “The Elements” app, which has amazing interactive images of each of the pure elements and extensive information about each element. This app can be purchased through the iTunes store for $13.99.