IntoScience – new software from 3P Learning

Today you had the opportunity to explore “Into Science”, the new program installed on our desktop computers from 3P Learning. Please write a comment below about which activities you chose, what you liked about the program and what you learned about science.

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25 thoughts on “IntoScience – new software from 3P Learning

  1. I liked the archery because it was fun trying to hit the targets. Also the graphics are good.

  2. It was fun because the games were interactive. You could learn while having fun but the games freeze sometimes.

  3. It was very fun to play. The graphics are pretty good. I played the “playing with gravity” activity and it was a fun game to play with. I learnt about the difference between playing with basketballs, beach balls and bowling balls in Earth and on the Moon. But it freezes a bit.

  4. I liked the program because it was educational, interesting and fun. It had really good graphics.

  5. I did like the website because we could do different activities and we got to try a new thing we haven’t done befor. I would like to do stuff like this more often. I liked it a lot because it was like a game you can learn from.

  6. I played the gravity basketball game. And learnt that the lighter ball would stay in the air for a while and that the heavier ball would not stay in the air the long. i liked the program because you could play any game you want.

  7. I did classification of organisms. I liked it because it shows you the different kind of organisms and the games were interesting and educational. I learnt invertebrates are animals without a backbone and verebrates are animals with backbones

  8. Angus says: “I did the playing with gravity game and the beach ball floated in the air for the longest and the bowling ball just dropped because it was too heavy. The program was good because it was fun but you learnt stuff too. The graphics were good but it sometimes froze.”

  9. Next time I will allocate a task Patrick. It was interesting that all the boys chose the archery and ball games, while the girls mostly chose the ecology and classification activities.

  10. I think the activities were great. I really enjoyed the game except it kept freezing and I didn’t always know if the activities were finished or not. But I did learn a bit of information about the food chain. The graphics were great.

  11. I liked the activities on this program. It explains a lot and helps you understand the meaning of the subject. The graphics were great and it was good how you get to make an avatar. The only problem was when you click on the video clip, is froze for a while.

  12. I think it was very fun and I learnt a lot in a short amount of time. Some things need to be written clearer so we can understand it better but apart from that it was great.

  13. I loved this game I thought it was very interesting. It was very educational, fun and not boring at all. I think I would like to play this more offten. But I think there should be somthing saying “You have finished this activity” and not just a tiny little arrow it’s a bit hard to see.

  14. It is a nice game and it is exciting! It is a good way to learn – I learned about ecosystems and food webs. I liked the pictures and the graphics were quite realistic, but not compared GDA5.

  15. The graphics were good but could be better. Every once in a while the keyboard would stop working and it would keep freezing but I learned a lot but I think it would be more worth while spending money on real experiments.

  16. I enjoyed the program but every now and again the program would freeze. The graphics were good and it was fun to be able to move around a lot. I would like to play it again.

  17. The program was good. The graphics were very good and I learnt a lot from it.
    Things they can change is that you need to tell us when the question is finished and also tell us what to do.

  18. The program “Into Science” is easy to understand expect that it does not display anything when you finish an activity. Also some of the activities were not worded very well to the point that we didn’t know what to do. We also couldn’t work out how to change the colour of the eyes. The graphics could be better as well. But despite the negatives it is a good program to learn about science.

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