Caring for Catchments

Last week, on World Environment Day, Hannah Cook from the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority visited our school with the Catchment Model Trailer. This is a 1.5 x 3.0m scale model of a catchment, showing the various environments that water passes through from the upper catchment to the oceans, including storm water drains, wetlands, agricultural and industrial areas. This opportunity allowed discussion about turbidity, erosion, effects of salinity, wildlife corridors and vegetation to provide habitat and protect stock from wind and weather.

This visit was a great way to kick start our “Caring for Catchments” projects in Years 7 and 8. Ten finalists will be chosen to present their projects (slideshows, models, videos, posters etc) that describe a strategy to protect and enhance our local environment. Some of the ideas that other participants have come up with include:

Photography contest (winning photos used in a calendar)
High School Solar Panels
Installation of new taps at the school
Green space development
Education and Awareness activities
Youth Nature Club
The Ripple Effect (A water conference for HS students)
Solar powered watering troughs for stock to keep animals away from river banks
Fencing off old remnant paddock trees
Garden to showcase native plants
River bank stabilisation project
Catchment model project
Ban the bottle Campaign (free bottles for students to reuse instead of buying bottled water)
Eco-friendly carwash soap (phosphate-free)
Children’s Activity book
Bat boxes and Bird Houses
‘The mystery of missing water’ (educational book series for grades 2-4)
Peace Garden
Caring for our Watershed kit and presentation
Recycling bins for school campus
Fishing line recycling containers @ stream edges
Proper disposal of mercury lamps
Biodiesel for the school bus
Riparian repair (revegetation works)
Rooftop gardens

What do you think are the most pressing problems we have in this district? What ideas have you got to improve our local environment?

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