Year 8 Science: Atoms and Molecules

Learning Intention: Students will be able to recognise the structure of atoms and molecules and understand some of the features of the periodic table. They will know that elements are pure substances made up of a single type of atom.

Success Criteria: You will be able to define atoms, molecules, elements and compounds. You will be able to draw a labelled diagram of an atom and explain why elements are arranged in the periodic table in rows and columns.

As you discovered this week, chemistry is everywhere! All substances are made up of atoms and molecules whether they be gases, liquids or solids. Some are pure substances (elements) made up of one type of atom, but most are compounds, made up of molecules of atoms of different kinds. We will complete several experiments next week, that show that a compound can be very different from the elements from which it is comprised. For example, hydrogen(H2)  and oxygen(O2) are colourless gases, but H20 (water) is a colourless liquid. Carbon (C) can be like charcoal, graphite or diamond, but carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colourless gas.

More information about atoms and elements at BBC Bitesize and the NDT Resource Centre.

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