Year 7 and 8 Skills 4 Living – Your survival kit

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Learning intention: Students will have a greater understanding of the necessary goods and services provided in our community and their importance for survival. They will consider the requirements to be self-sufficient, in terms of food, fuel, shelter and medicine.

Success criteria: Each student will prepare a “virtual survival kit” (report, poster or slideshow) that lists all the necessary requirements to survive indefinitely in an isolated location. 

Over the past couple of weeks most of you have experienced what it is like to be without telephones, internet, ATM’s and EFTPOS. You have also probably had times when there was a power failure, the tanks ran out of water or the gas bottle was empty. Often we take all these products and services for granted – we expect that we will always have access to electrical lighting; heating and cooling; cooking and washing appliances; waste disposal; communication and entertainment devices.

However, sometimes natural and man-made disasters occur (floods, bushfires, tsunamis etc) and all these goods and services are unavailable. There are groups of people who plan for such events – sometimes called “preppers” or “survivalists”. Some even believe in an apocalypse (doomsday or end of the earth as we know it). Your task today is to prepare a virtual “survival kit” to document what you would need in the case of some disaster that prevented you getting anything (food, water, power, shelter or any other materials and equipment) from outside this school. Can you think of any movies that begin with this premise?

You will need to grow your own food, because you cannot store enough to survive in the long term. You will need some way of producing energy if you wish to extract water from the ground and have hot water and lighting. Your report, poster or slideshow should include a list of requirements and a description of how they will be used.

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