Year 7 and 8 Skills for Living – “A Winter’s Tale”

The Bollywood dancers – Year 7 girls

Your task today is to write a blog post, including an image, about the production. You can find images of the production in the “student public folder > 2012 > Production photos”. You could write it as a newspaper review, including what you enjoyed about the performance and how it compares to other shows you have seen. Or you could write it as a performer – what you felt before, during and after the show. Make sure you include the following:

  • a description of the characters and the setting
  • the storyline – what is the show about?
  • what are the highlights?
  • who were the ‘behind the scenes’ team who made the show such a great success?

If you didn’t participate in the production and didn’t get the opportunity to see the show, write a review of your favorite TV show or movie. You will still need to include the four dot points above.

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