Year 9 Biology: Cycling of matter

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Learning Intention: Students will develop an understanding of the water, carbon and nitrogen cycles and their importance in ecosystems.

Success Criteria: Students will be able to discuss the different cycles and the processes that occur within each cycle, using the correct terminology.

You have been divided into three groups to learn more about the water, carbon and nitrogen cycles. Your task, as a group, is to produce a slideshow to teach the rest of the class about your cycle. Your slideshow should include at least eight slides, diagrams and an explanation of each of the processes involved (see below). You should also produce a quiz for the rest of the class with at least ten questions about the cycle. You can use Quizlet or Quiz Revolution or the Arcade Game generator on to create your quiz.

Water Cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration, erosion and percolation. (Trevor, Jayden, Arron, Jim and Jake)

Carbon Cycle: photosynthesis, respiration, fossil-fuel formation, ocean acidification. (James, Aaron, Bradley, Nathan)

YouTube video by NASA – “Keeping up with carbon”

Nitrogen Cycle: nitrogen-fixing, denitrification, ammonification.(Sarah, Emma, Leah, Elly, Che, Porcha)

More resources: YouTube video about Biogeochemical cycling.

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