Year 9: Energy of Life


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Learning Intention: Students will understand that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another; that almost all the energy on earth comes from our sun and that this energy flows through food chains. Only about 10% of chemical energy is passed form one trophic level to the next, as energy is converted to sound and heat.

Success Criteria: Students will complete the following activities to demonstrate their understanding of the flow of energy through ecosystems.

First, go to the Gould League Food Webs Page and complete the Australian Grasslands Foodweb. Identify the producers, first-order consumers (herbivores) and second-order consumers (carnivores). Take a screenshot of the final food web when you have completed the activity.

Download the graphic organizer document from titled “Energy Transfer”. From the “Australian Grasslands Food Web”, complete the worksheet by identifying the producers, herbivores, carnivores and decomposers. Stick this firmly into your book.

Read through the Food Chains, Food Webs, Biomass Pyramids and Cycles page from the Queensland Science Teacher’s Association, then try their quiz. You could also try the McGraw-Hill “Life Science” Quiz.

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