Y7 Skills for Living

Today is International Peace day, so I would like you to write a post-it note on the Linoit board created by a teacher in Moscow, Tatyana. What does Peace mean to you? How do you think it feels to be threatened by violence in your home country? How can communities work towards more peaceful understandings?

You now have one of the following options:

  1. Write a blog post as if you were a refugee from war. Think back to “Boy Overboard” or “Girl Underground” if you have read those books. Put yourself in the shoes of a child who has lost their parents, relatives and friends due to violence.
  2. Create a “Tagxedo” or “Wordle” with 50 words around the theme of “peace” and post it on your blog. You may like to go to Google Translate and find out the word for Peace in other languages. Post the link to your blog post on the Linoit site above.
  3. Download the Student Toolkit for Peace Day 2012 and describe the three things that all Global Truce events have in common in a blog post. What event could you organize in the spirit of a Global Truce?
  4. Sign up to the “100 word challenge“. Use this week’s prompt .”…looking behind me, I saw……” to write one hundred more words on your blog. Link your blog post to the “100 word challenge” site.
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