Year 7 and Year 8 Skills for Living

Last Thursday Year 7 to 10 students had an opportunity to see “Escape from Worryville”, a theatrical performance about anxiety, depression and ultimately, empowerment. Your task today is to write a blog post about this performance. You can choose from one of the following ways to write and then leave a comment below with a link to your blog post.

(1) Pretend you are one of the characters in the play and write a diary entry from their perspective. Include descriptions of that characters thoughts and feelings.

(2) Find a creative commons image of a personal object that may have belonged to one of the characters. Describe what that object means to the character as if they were doing a “show and tell”. For example:
Thomas – lighter, glasses, favourite book
Hahona – baseball cap, health professional card, music, sporting paraphernalia. Thomas’ dad – gift from his wife, something from his childhood, something Thomas gave him
Hahona’s dad – cultural family heritage object, Rugby magazine,
Mr Wells – diary, small trinket object, teaching article.

(3) Write a letter from one character to another.

(4) Write a review of the performance as if you were writing for a newspaper. What was the story about? We’re the performances believable? What made the acting interesting? Would you recommend the performance to other teenagers? Why or why not?

(5) If none of these options appeal to you, or you were absent from the performance, you should sign up to the “100 word challenge“. Use this week’s prompt .”…looking behind me, I saw……” to write one hundred more words on your blog. Link your blog post to the “100 word challenge” site and leave a comment below with your blog post address.

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  1. Thanks Amy for the link to your blog. It would be great if you could add punctuation to your writing – full stops, capital letters and some commas for breathing spaces! Could you also please add an image to your post, something that represents one of the characters?

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