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The Guardian newspaper in United Kingdom is running a competition similar to the task we have been doing at school during term 3. They are calling for entries into “The School We’d Like” competition, with the judging criteria as follows:

• Measurable benefits to your school community, please provide clear evidence where possible.
• Innovation – is this an example of clear innovative practice which could be used by other schools to the benefit of their communities?
• Consultation – evidence that there was a genuine consultative exercise across the school community to develop the idea.
• Collaboration – compelling evidence that teachers, students and other members of the school community worked together on the project.
• Pupil voice – evidence that pupil voice was developed by the exercise.
• Evidence that as many students as possible had the opportunity to learn or be exposed to life-long skill development such as project planning, financial planning, consultation, collaboration, presentation and interview.
• Evidence of positive learning from the exercise both for the presentation group and the wider school community.
• An indication of how the school community would use the lessons learned through the competition in the future.
• Sustainability: thought about the long term plans, how their idea will be maintained and sustained.

Consider this criteria as you prepare your plan and up to 500 word report describing your ideal school. Remember to justify each component of your plan and describe how it will improve student outcomes.  When you have completed your blog post, including an image of your ideal school, please add a comment below, with your blog address in the message.

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