Monday 3rd September

Year 8 Skills for Living: Period 2 and Period 6

While I am away on Monday you have a choice of the following activities:

1. Those students who were in the group that organized the “Shake’n’Dog” fundraiser on Friday can write a report that includes the money raised, the costs and the net profit of that event. Could someone please write a letter to Mrs Julie Bos from the Hawkesdale Post office who donated four bottles of milk? You will also need to write about what worked well, what could be improved and what you learned from the activity. Who worked well as a team? Would you be interested in working in the food industry? What would have happened if you had to pay wages to the people who worked? How could you have made a greater profit? Please submit this report to me by email at brittgow(at)

2. Go to the ApolloHawkes wiki and complete any unfinished tasks. This week’s task is to comment on five pages that belong to Apollo bay students. Make sure your comments are appropriate and include one compliment, one suggestion and one question to keep the conversation happening.

3. Go on with the Apollo Bay Camp Menu. Remember we need three breakfasts, three lunches and three dinners hat can be prepared at the Youth Hostel. You need to write out a list of ingredients for each menu item and submit a shopping list of the quantities required to feed 20 people – 18 students and two teachers. Again, you should submit this to me by email.

4. The last option, when you have finished at least two other tasks, is to continue with your Ideal School project. You need to be able to describe your vision to another person and justify why you have included each element of the plan. How does your school improve learning? What knowledge and skills do the students learn here that they cannot learn at a traditional school? Why should schools be more like your school? This can be written as a blog post or submitted to me by email.


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