Wheel Talk with Jason Sleep

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On Tuesday 24th July we had a visit from Jason Sleep, who works with Disability Sport and Recreation to improve student awareness of people with disabilities in our community and the benefits of healthy exercise. Each student had the opportunity to participate in a game of wheelchair basketball and ask Jason questions about the sport and his disability. Today I am asking students to write a blog reflection on his visit. Please answer at least six of the following questions in your post:

1. What was something that you learned about Jason?

2. What was something that surprised you about what Jason talked about?

3. What was something you learned about disability?

4. Why do you think it is particularly important for people with a disability to be fit and strong?

5. When you played the game of wheelchair basketball, what were you good at?

6. What did you find difficult about wheelchair basketball?

7. What techniques helped you to move around in the wheelchair?

8. Write down some of the emotions you were feeling while playing the wheelchair games.

9. What were some of the skills you practiced during the session e.g dribbling, catching, passing.

10. What do you think you could improve on with these skills and how could you do this?

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