Journey to the Centre of the Earth

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Learning Intention: Students will understand that the earth is composed of several layers, including a solid iron/nickel core, molten outer core, upper and lower mantle (magma) and crust. Students will also be able to use a compass to draw concentric circles.

Success Criteria: Students will draw a labelled diagram showing the cross section of the earth. 

  1.  How thick is the earth’s crust?
  2. What minerals are the different layers composed of?
  3. How does the temperature change inside the earth?
  4. What is the deepest hole in the earth?
  5. What makes the earth shake?
  6. What causes volcanoes and tsunamis?
  7. What causes the seasons?
  8. What is the greenhouse effect?
  9. Where is the ozone layer?
  10. How can volcanoes appear from nowhere?

What caused the recent earthquakes in Australia, given that we are not located on the edge of a continental plate?

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