Chemical Energy

Learning Intention: Students will understand the relevance of specific chemical reactions to everyday life and be able to describe the usefulness of those reactions to society.

Success criteria: Students will produce a poster, slideshow or video that investigates and describes a specific chemical reaction and it’s usefulness in our lives.

Your task is to research one of the following materials and how they can react to produce useful results – a release of heat, a new product or a portable source of energy for example. Find out how these materials are extracted or produced, the useful reaction that occurs and how this reaction benefits society. Are their any disadvantages of this reaction? (eg. greenhouse gases produced, finite resources being used or toxic by-products?

  1. Fossil Fuels (oil, coal or gas – choose one) – combustion
  2. Dynamite explosions
  3. Electrolysis to allow silver plating, copper plating etc
  4. Batteries – (car battery, torch battery, lithium rechargable battery etc)
  5. Biofuels – ethanol for sugar cane or corn, methane from effluent or garbage, biodeisel from abbatoir waste, algae or waste oils)

This project is due next Monday, 14th May and will be assessed for your end of term report.



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