It’s a Material World!

So far this term we have done lots of experiments to demonstrate the properties of different materials, such as:

  •  “Making Rayon – a regenerated fibre”;
  • “Making a Colloid – sulfur and methylated spirits in water”
  • “Making a Gel” and
  • “Cold cream – an emulsion”.

Well done Sarah and Emma for making their own homemade cosmetics – an exfoliating gel with poppy seeds and a shampoo from an emulsion of honey and egg yolk. The image above is from Quizlet, where you can create your own flashcards, scatter games and other activities to assist you to remember the improtant terms and definitions for this unit of work.

Materials scientists are constantly working on innovations to improve the manufacture and use of fabrics, structural materials and packaging. This article, from Web Urbanist, describe “8 Substances that will shape the future“.

While I am on Year 7 camp at Roses Gap (19th to 21st March) those Year 9 students not on the Advance camp should be studying for their science test. This test will be on Friday 23rd March and include all the work we have done this term. You should read your text book chapter and write some study notes as well as review your workbook with the practical experiments we have completed.

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