Dark and Stormy Night


Learning Intention:
Students are learning to identify the important components of an electric circuit and describe how it works.
Success criteria:
You will be able to collect the materials and connect them together to create a torch which includes a globe, switch, wires, batteries and reflector.

This week you will draw what you think is inside a torch (without dismantling it!) and then, after some discussion about the essential components, construct your own torch from simple materials. Imagine you are driving down the back paddock with Dad, and you get bogged in the ute. Dad has to walk back to get the tractor, to pull the ute out. It’s getting dark, so Dad tells you to wait in the car until he gets back. You look in the glovebox and find the following materials:

Sticky tape
Drawing pins
Aluminium foil
Cardboard tube
Paper clips

You unscrew the globe from the overhead light in the ute and start to make a torch. Your torch needs to be operated with one hand, and have a switch that turns the light on and off. A good torch will be able to direct a beam of light and have no loose wires or dangly bits. When you have finished please leave me a comment about what you found easy, what was more difficult and what you learnt from this activity. What do you think is the most important part of the torch?

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