Welcome Back – Term 3!

This is the link to our Elluminate session on Tuesday 19th July during periods 5 and 6:

You will need headphones, a microphone and an Internet connection. Please observe the appropriate online protocols and enjoy this session.

This week I will be away from school, attending the 6th World Environmental Education Congress in Brisbane. I attended the same conference four years ago in Durban, South Africa, but this time I will be presenting a workshop with researchers from RMIT University, about the Education for Sustainability work we do here at Hawkesdale P12 College. While I am away Mr Becker will be taking my classes.

Year 7 students will be doing some practial experriments with light and sound – you may like to make a musical instrument at home, bring it into school and explain how it works.

Year 8 students will be starting a unit of work on Electricity. You will learn about conductors, resistors and insulators, series and parallel circuits, volts and amps and circuit diagrams. When I get back you will be able to make a torch from common household materials – a cardboard tube, batteries, aluminium foil, globe, paper clip, wires and sticky tape.

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I am a Science and Maths teacher at a small rural school in western Victoria, Australia. I live on a sheep property with my husband and two children, who also attend Hawkesdale P12 College. I am passionate about education for sustainability, indigenous flora and fauna and love teaching!

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