Year 8 “Changing Earth” Project


Limestone Pinnacles at Nambung National Park, near Cervantes, Western Australia.

Learning Intention: To work individually or in a small group to demonstrate your understanding of the formation of different rock types and fossils.

Success Criteria: Each student will create, or assist to create, a project that demonstrates a good understanding of the formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and fossils.

Some of the options for your project include:

  • A 60-second science video for the competition. Read the rules carefully – each contestant must effectively explain the science, not just demonstrate a phenomena. So you will need to explain the processes of erosion and weathering, volcanic action and plate subduction, formation of sediments and how heat and pressure changes the appearance and properties of rocks. You could use a Common-Craft style or convert a slideshow to a video by saving as jpeg files and importing them into Windows MovieMaker.
  • A poster, brochure or booklet that shows the rock cycle and gives examples of different rock types from around the world.
  • A “Rock Around the World” wiki that gives examples of famous geological landmarks, where they are located, how they are formed and what type of rocks they consist of.
  • Please check the Assessment Rubric and make sure you fulfill the criteria to the best of your ability.
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