The Carbon Cycle – “My Life as a Carbon Atom”

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Your task is to write a short story titled “My Life as a Carbon Atom” to demonstrate your understanding of the following processes:

  • Photosynthesis – green plants use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrate (glucose) that is used by all other living organisms as the source of food.
  • Respiration – all living organisms (with the exception of a few bacteria) use oxygen to convert carbohydrates into energy, releasing carbon dioxide and water into the atmosphere.
  • Decomposition – Bacteria and fungi break down organic matter (leaves, wood, dead animals etc) into carbon dioxide and water during respiration.
  • Fossil Fuel formation – Oil, coal and gas are formed after millions of years under extreme pressure and high temperatures, from once living organisms such as trees and microscopic algae.
  • Combustion – wood, gas, oil, coal and other carbon-containing compounds can be burnt with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide.

Your story should be at least 500 words long (100 words for each process) and be written from the perspective of a carbon atom. Take your inspiration from the videos (Clickview “Carbon Cycle” and the DVD “Crude”) and use the carbon cycle diagram on page 47 of Science Quest 2.

You can also use “Comic Life”, “Vociethread’, “Photostory”, “Kerpoof” or “Storybird” to illustrate your story.

Due Tuesday 15th March

fossil fuels comic

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